Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper articles celebrates pets with their tales and tips on how to take care of them.

All Hail The Feline Queen!

Published: Mon, 10/09/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Prior to Princess Whyspurr's passing in January, she and Angel Scribe were in a battle over the new pillow! “I thought it was MY…

‘Guggenheim’ Tourist Attraction!

Published: Sun, 10/01/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales ‘Guggenheim’ Tourist Attraction! A tourist attraction was distracting passersbys at the outdoor café, me included! Everyone, young,…

Angel Scribe's Mews (muse) News

Published: Sun, 10/01/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Mews (muse)News! Follow the Fluffington Family. Watch reels/videos of Angel Scribe's two news Mews (muse), Mr. Fluffington and his…

Mary Ellen shares Miracles on the radio!

Published: Thu, 09/28/23

Radio Shows with Angel Scribe Mary Ellen shares Angel and miracle stories.The Donna Seebo Show…

Cats Save Birds

Published: Fri, 09/22/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Window Gems employee, Buddy, saves birds. Cats Save Birds! Angel Scribe’s two indoor cats, the Fluffingtons, spend hours watching…

Luna's Artistic Life

Published: Sun, 09/10/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales International artist, Jody Bergsma's, helpful assistant. Luna's Artist Life! Little Luna was born in world renowned artist, Jody…

Angel Scribe's Baby Fluffington

Published: Mon, 08/28/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Mr. Fluffington playing with his sister. Angel Scribe's Baby Fluffington! When a newsletter reader, Miss D, learned that my last…

Dog Park Strangers on TV

Published: Fri, 08/18/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Newsie, Budley and Tony brought together by an act of kindness. Dog Park Strangers on TV! Follow up on: Tony, his dog, Budley, a…

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